Matt couch

hospitality, communications, and lots of coffee.

Matt's Story

People can be tough.

That's why taking care of them for a living isn't something that everyone is good at, or would even want to do.  Matt loves taking care of people, even the tough ones.  

Matt started out in hospitality as a teenage busboy-turned-hungry young line cook.  Matt went to culinary school for a while but left to go cook under some awesome (and not-so-awesome) chefs.  Then he traded his white coat in for a suit jacket.

Matt loves customer service and making people happy.  He also knows a thing or two about food, and wine, and cocktails.  People tell him that because he's been on both sides of the restaurant, it makes him that much better at both sides.

It turns out, Matt is pretty good at dreaming up events, making awesome flyers, redesigning websites and newsletters, and dreaming up programs and plans for marketing, financials, and service goals, too.  Learning new things makes Matt happy.

Matt loves an upscale-but-fun restaurant concept with a team who likes to stay on the leading edge of things.  He knows that people get bored quickly, because he gets bored quickly.  Part of the fun of Matt's business is making sure that doesn't happen.

Matt likes to cook at home, reads a lot, and makes wine, too.  He likes to hike when he can.  Even though he works at a country club, he's really bad at golf.